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Nutritive lotions for muscle & joint pain

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Years of research led us to believe restoring electrolyte mineral integrity to tissues is important for proper function and health. When part of the body’s endogenous electrical circuit has been interrupted by injury we believe that applying electrolytes directly to the affected area using a topical application accelerates the healing process. To this end Whipbird Pain Relief Pty Ltd (now trading as O'Gorman's Natural Health Pty Ltd) applied for and was granted patents in Australia, New Zealand and Canada which cover some of our products.

Peter O'Gorman (Founder)
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Natural Alternative for aches & pain

A local Queensland family business with all products manufactured in Queensland.

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I can’t thank you enough. Just like you said, the day I started using your lotion was the beginning of the end for my walking stick.  My dicky knee had pretty near crippled me for almost a year. People pitied me like an old man, but now (eight weeks later) I walk as freely as I like without that damn stick.

Last week my fiancé accidentally bent her little toe right back. Caught it on a corner of a lounge chair. Not broken, but by the evening it was a horrible blue colour. I very gently smoothed on some of the lotion and in the morning the bruising had changed from that awful blue to a more healthy pink. Even though I know it would do that, I was mightily impressed at how quickly that bruising dissipated.  
Mac Campbell - Visiting Scholar, Graduate Institute of Philosophy National Central University Republic of China
"During my football game I had a twinge on my right buttock muscle.  At quarter time Peter rubbed some lotion on the affected spot and as I played on the twinge was not there and I didn't think about it for the rest of the game.  Towards the end of the game I was seriously injured, damaging the cartilage in my knee and straining my hip and leg muscles.  I was in a lot of pain. Peter again rubbed some lotion on the affected spots and the pain was significantly reduced.  My physiotherapist said it would take me 4 to 6 weeks to recover.  In fact I was almost completely better in 3 weeks, and able to run and ride my bike and move without pain or restriction."
Lewis Wilson - (Australian Rules Player)
On the 16 August 2006 I suffered a fall and severely injured my left ankle and at first feared that it had been broken. After an x-ray and assessment by my GP who advised that I had suffered severe trauma to my ankle and that it would take at least 4-6 weeks before I would be able to walk in a normal manner.The ankle was iced every few hours and strapped and rested for two days. After four days I painfully returned to work with the aid of crutches and suffered significant pain whenever weight was placed on my ankle.

On the 21 Aug Peter provided me with a liquid substance to apply to the injured ankle two-three times a day. Within two days I noticed a significant reduction in pain and swelling. After four days I was able to move without the aid of crutches including the negotiation of stairs. I continued to use the treatment twice daily for another two weeks and regained full mobility without pain. This treatment was truly amazing. I have suffered numerous ankle and knee injuries throughout my life and I have never before encountered a treatment that provided relief and reduced swelling in such a short time. Thank you Peter for providing the treatment and I would happily recommend it to anyone who has suffered a similar injury.
Greg Hurcum - (Lieutenant Colonel) 


Only natural ingredients are used where possible. Give your body the healthy option.

Australian Owned

A local Queensland family business with all products manufactured in Queensland.

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